Virtual Gallery Hopping with Russell Weedman

Digit Group #3

Virtual Gallery Hopping with Russell Weedman

We are so thrilled to welcome Russell Weedman’s work to the Mulberry & Lime collection. Weedman graduated from Centre College in 1985 with his B.A. in Painting and Drawing.  He went on to gain his M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from Stony Brook University in 1989. Weedman is the Department Chair of the Art Department and a professor of Art at the University of the Cumberlands.

In his art, Weedman uses media to create abstract paintings that expose the similarities and differences between the human form and shapes found in the natural environment.  His work, while exploring the co-existence of man and nature, also brings into play ideas on chaos and order. Weedman constantly transforms his images through manipulating the format, reworking the surfaces, and revising the imagery. He uses an ad hoc process and combines the use of oil and acrylic to get a uniquely textured look. His initial impulse is to create an image that yields a liberal marriage between abstraction and representation.

When describing this collection Weedman states, “My recent works have a strong connection to the human figure and nature. The forms are meant to suggest many things at once. The sensuality of the images is a result of my predilection for the physical qualities I respond to in the world around me and my psychological response to it. The oppositions of movement and stasis, beauty and violence, monochrome and color are very important elements in these images. The strong emphasis on the use of color is directly linked to my drive to enhance these contrasts and create a lush visual experience for the viewer.”

Enjoy this video as Weedman talks about his Digit Group series.

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Russell Weedman’s art is available for purchase here, as well as in store. Please come visit us to view Weedman’s pieces in person.

Love from Limestone,

Mary Ginocchio and Russell Weedman