Choosing Patio Furniture Fabric

Na Pali Garden

Choosing Patio Furniture Fabric

We are updating our patio with new upholstery for our patio set, new pillows, new pots and plants, and a rug to tie it all together! Let us show you step by step how we can help you refresh your outdoor seating to enjoy all summer long.

Step one is to choose the fabric for your cushions on your patio set. Depending on the kind of statement you want to make you might decide to choose a rug first. It’s all about where on your patio you want your eye to go first. We love our furniture set so we made that our focal point with a bright, fun pattern.


We ended up debating between color blocking and a fun pattern. In the end we chose a fun pattern because we weren’t seeing the colors we had envisioned for a color blocking scheme and this Na Pali Garden in the color Aruba immediately spoke to us.


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