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Gabriella Placesetting


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Match pewter is handmade in northern Italy, in family-owned workshops, by artisans who have honed their craft using methods gleaned over many generations. In their skilled hands, this understated yet luxurious material is fashioned into modern heirlooms that are both functional and decorative.

Pewter tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance. To clean your pewter hand wash in warm water with a liquid dish soap. Be sure to dry the pewter completely, as water allowed to dry on pewter may cause spots. Any spots that appear can be easily removed by polishing or by gently rubbing the area in small circular motions with very fine “0000” steel wool.

Match flatware and dinnerware are dishwasher safe. We recommend cleaning using a liquid dishwasher soap, on the lowest heat setting, for both the washing and drying cycles. Please allow your dinnerware to cool before handling. Please Note: If you have hard water (water with a high mineral content) we do not recommend using a dishwasher, as elements in the water may cause tarnishing or pitting of your pewter. When washing your dinnerware by hand, please do not pre-soak in hot water.

Match pewter should never be placed in an oven, microwave, or exposed to an open flame.


Dinner Knife 10”L
Dinner Fork 8.5”L
Salad Fork 7.5”L
Soup Spoon 8.5”L
Tea Spoon 7.5”L