Helene Steene

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Helene Steene was born in Sweden and moved to the United States in 1976. Her mixed media work is mostly non-objective or abstract, on wood panels or on collaged paper. She primarily uses oil glazes with pure mineral pigments over marble dust mixtures. Surfaces are sanded and built up in numerous, very translucent, layers to create intense colors with great depth. Sanded metal is included on most wood panels, and using wood panels allows for any size work. Many of her works are inspired by the soft white walls and weathered wood works she encounters on the Greek island of Paros, as well as the local fauna and the ever-changing sea. The sense of layered history from antiquity to more recent times is very present on this island, famous for its white translucent marble, which inspired Steene to experiment with marble dust to create a sense of contemporary fresco surfaces.