Envisioning Joy Workshop

Envisioning Joy Workshop


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This workshop is an opportunity to think about and visually express ideas about joy. Through open response questions and free drawing we will explore the shapes, colors, and places of joy. The purpose of this time is to give participants
a moment to pause and reflect on habits and understand for themselves what they need to have joy in their lives.

Workshops last 1.5 hours.

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We need a sense of hope and beauty, especially now. I want my art to uplift as art does in its traditional construct. I am in search of a meditative moment: to feel inner calm and renewed positive energy. When visualizing calm, I see different colors floating in and around: shifting and morphing into different shapes. To me those shapes are energy: positive, nurturing energy.

The connection between spirituality and quantum physics intrigues me. The concept of energy,
the energy field around each of us, led to the creation of a series of collages and prints that explore energy as a line. Overlapping colors, textures, and lines create a sense of movement, which encourages viewers to take a moment to be present – to feel a sense of well being. During the pandemic part of this research became Envisioning Joy, a Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Grant. The purpose was to have conversations with women about joy and create
art based on the gathered data. Learning about the perceived color, line, and shape of joy informed Elizabeth’s imagery and design decisions. From this grant came the basis for this workshop.

The class begins with an introduction that includes a meditation or poem. Following that I will
ask a series of questions that participants will answer independently. Answers can be in the
form of words or images. Doodling is encouraged! Throughout our time participants can share
their responses and insights. To wrap up the session we will share our art and thoughts about
the experience.

After the series of questions there is the option for individuals to create a small piece of art.
The intent of this piece is to be hung/place in a spot to remind the participant to be present in
the moment.

Supplies: Card stock/paper, markers, colored pencils, watercolor paints, and brushes will be supplied

Participants will create a piece of freeform art. It may be more of a sketch or vision board,
which serves as a reminder of the elements of joy in their lives. Through our conversation participants will share their ideas and challenges as well as give each other support and encouragement. We will create a safe space for sharing and feeling accepted.