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Flowers make a welcome return, bringing a touch of romance to any decorative scheme. Embark on a journey to the East without leaving the comfort of home, accompanied by the gentle luminosity of delicate pastels. 100% combed cotton.


Always refer to the washing symbols on the product label. Act as quickly as possible on a fresh stain so that it does not become encrusted while drying: moisten it then rub with a suitable stain remover before washing the tablecloth. Before first use, it is highly recommended to wash items in a washing machine in warm water without detergent. This fresh water soak will remove the finish from the fabric and thus prevent stains from sticking to it. The use of a dryer is not recommended because it wears the fibers and dulls the fabric. All Le Jacquard products receive a treatment which enables controlling shrinkage. However, it is normal to notice a slight shrinkage of about 4% after the first wash.

Wash colored linen at a temperature between 104°F and 140°F, without overloading the machine. Caution: do not mix with linen whose color is likely to run. Avoid the use of fabric softener. Ironing should be done on the back side with a hot iron and strong steam, ideally when the linen is still slightly damp.